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Images from the "Creative" appraisal

Welcome to Duston Camera Club

When We Meet

Duston Camera Club meet on a Tuesday eveing at Duston Community Centre, Pendle Road, Duston, Northampton, NN5 6DT. Doors are open from 19:45 for a 20:00 start, finishing at 22:00. We are members of the MCPF and PAGB.


We hold a bi-monthly print competition, with two rounds at each event - an open and a set subject.
There is also a Projected Digital Image (PDI) competition that runs during the year consisting of 4 rounds in total (2 open and 2 set subjects). We also have the "Versatility Challenge" comprising Landscape, Portrait, Action and Nature. The final competition is Print of the Year. This is an open competition where the photograph has to have been taken during the last 14 months.

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Talks and Social

We have a large number of people from around the country come and give us talks. Most of these are well known people who give a wide variety of talks on a diverse set of topics. The programme of events is published here on the website, and is available to members in their printed programme for the year.

There are a number of social events during the year, summer walks, summer and winter socials, and an awards evening where the winners of the competitions during the year are presented with their trophies.

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A selection from the "Creative" Appraisal

Reg Law

Autumn In Ice

Pete Cherry

Abandon Every Hope Who Enter Here

Judy Longthorne


Ken Page

Caffeine Explosion

Rosie Beamish


Ian Oxborough

Crow and crone

Alan Leverseidge

Easy Lunch

Paul Mallard

Mind that tree

Gerry Coles

Not Dining Out

Gerry Coles


Ian Oxborough

Seal hunters

Gerry Coles

Shoppers Veiw

Gordon Allatt

Stretch more trees

Eddie Hager

The old Cottage

Brian Pere

They'll eat anything

Stephen Borman

To the ends of time

Paul Mallard

Walk of Doom

Brian Pere

An Explosion Of Colour

Stephen Borman

In to the Matrix

Judy Longthorne

Winter Birches

Members' Featured Works

Gerry Coles

Bringing in the catch

Heart Shaped Angel Wings

Ketan Shah

Lion Cub

Alan Leverseidge

Tranquil Waters

Stephen Borman

A bright spark

Reg Law

Forgotten Corner

Reg Law

You Looking At Me

Ketan Shah

The Drifter

Wayne Stant

Life Teaches You Not To Rush

Janie Chapman

Harvest Mouse

Rosie Beamish

Tides coming in

Reg Law

Ball Chaser

The Committee

John Oxborough


Brian Pere

Competition Secretary

Gerry Coles


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Duston Community Centre, Pendle Road, Duston, Northampton, NN5 6DT