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Duston Camera Club Competitions

Bi-Monthly Competitions

We hold a bi-monthly print competition, with two rounds at each event - an open and a set subject. The dates for these competitions can be found on the programme, and will have been handed out to members before the start of the competition year. All rounds are judged by external judges.

Projected Digital Image (PDI)

There is also a Projected Digital Image (PDI) competition that runs during the year consisting of 4 rounds in total (2 open and 2 set subjects). Again, all rounds are judged by external judges.

Versatility Challenge

We also have the "Versatility Challenge", where each entrant must provide 4 prints comprising one Landscape, one Portrait, one Action and one Nature.

Print of The Year

The final competition is Print of the Year. This is an open competition where the photograph has to have been taken during the last 14 months.

In addition to these we enter a number of competitions between local clubs, such as the Terry Chapman trophy

How to enter the competitions

How to Resize and rename images for digital projection (PDI)

All digital images are to be sized at 1600x1200 pixels.

In whichever photo editing software you are using, go to resize and enter 1600 pixels for the width (while keeping the aspect ratio the same), if the height is 1200 pixels or less then save the image. If the height is more than 1200 pixels then enter 1200 pixels in the height box and save the image. An example for photoshop is shown below.

Images to be saved as jpegs with srgb colour space.

If you are finding this a challenge go to PIXLR click on open image from computer, go to resize and enter the width as 1600. If height is 1200 or less then save if not then enter 1200 in height (ensure slider is at 100%), save image - rename at this point so you don't overwrite the original.

For most competitions the correct title should be "Title by your name".

example .... Wind surfer by Brian Pere

please note the word by is in lower case, titles and your name to start with a capital
to retitle images for competitions at Duston
find your image using windows explorer
Right click on the image scroll down to "rename" (or press F2 with the image highlighted)
type in the title as per example above (please use your name not mine)
Also please ensure your image is in the correct orientation

Digital entries to dustoncamera @ gmail.com (you will have to type it without the spaces)


Competition Entries

Prints to be handed in on the Tuesday 1 week before the competition date and collected on the night of the competition. or if you wish to enter online you may a) email the titles and bring the prints 1 week before the event or b) email the titles with a digital version of your image (1600x1200) and bring the prints on the night by 7.30pm If you wish to enter early because you are absent on the hand in night, place prints in the print box in the store room with your entry form. Please check your rule book for any particular rules that may affect your competition entry, any entries not meeting the correct criteria may be omitted from the competition.

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